William Harrison & Josephine S. Foote

William Harrison Foote was born in Southwick on the 5 January 1833, the son of Harrison and Lucy Ann (Wilcox) Foote.  He was a merchant in Westfield by 1880 when he and his wife Josephine and 8 year-old daughter Grace played host to four students of the Chinese Educational Mission: Tong Chi Yao, Wong Kwei Liang, Lin Pay Chuan and Yang Chan Ling.   His wife died in 1893.  He was appointed postmaster in Westfield in 1898.



Research of Pat Odiorne

Springfield Republican, 24 May 1917

1880 U.S. Census for Westfield, Hampden Co., Mass.



One Response to “William Harrison & Josephine S. Foote”

  1. ed rhoads Says:

    There is a lengthy and informative obituary of William H. Foote in the Westfield Evening Journal, 21 May 1917. My thanks to Katie Krol of the Westfield Atheneum for the reference.

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