McClean, Martha Ely (Matthews)

The following appeared in the Springfield Daily News, 15 February 1915:

Was One of the Founders of Chinese Mission in This City.
Mrs. Martha Ely Matthews McClean, 78, widow of Dr. Alexander S. McClean, died yesterday morning in her home, 40 Bliss street, after a long Illness. She was one of the organizers of the Union Chinese Mission Sunday school, which was the beginning of Chinese mission work in this city. She was born in Quincy, Fla., August 20, 1836, the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Matthews, both of whom were descendants of old New England families. She lived in Northampton for a number of years, making a home there for her mother and helping to educate eight Chinese boys of those sent to this country, by the Chinese government in 1870.

She was married to Dr. McClean March 15, 1882, and two years later, she organized the Chinese mission. Ill health made it impossible for her to carry on the work in later years, but she continued to be interested in it up to the time of her death. She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was elected regent of Mercy Warren Chapter in 1898, serving the full term of three years. She organized a branch of the Massachusetts Volunteer Aid Association during the Spanish war. The association sent money and supplies to the soldiers. She was a member of the First Church and of the Women’s Club. She leaves no near relatives. Dr. George C. McClean is her stepson. The funeral will be private and burial will be in Springfield Cemetery.


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