Heman E. and Sarah A. Moody

from the Necrologies of the Congregational Church, Belchertown

“Heman E. Moody, son of Heman and Electa Moody, was born in Belchertown on Sept. 27, 1814.

He married, as his second wife, Sarah A. King of Suffield, Conn., on Jan. 1, 1844.  Their home was in the Lake Vale neighborhood.  Their two daughters, Ellen and Addie, were graduated from Mt. Holyoke Seminary and became useful [citizens]. Mr. Moody was elected to the office of deacon in 1871, which office he held until his death.  He is remembered as an efficient teacher in the Sunday School in the years when nearly all the regular church attendants were found in the Sunday School.  Mr. Moody died March 2, 1885.

It is worth while to recall the fact that the family altar was the center of every home in this period.

Mr. Moody was first married April 26, 1841 to Electa Sophia [Elder], daughter of Deacon John Elder of Chester, Mass.  She died Aug. 2, 1841.  Mr. Moody became a member of the “Brainerd church” in Belchertown 1839.  This membership was transferred to this church when the above churches united in 1841.  For some time, Dea. Moody was supt. of the S. S. [Sunday School] of this united Cong. church.

He died as he had lived so long in this community, respected as an honest and upright citizen.”


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