Index to the American Hosts

Allard, Miss A. M., Huntington, Mass.

Bassett, George & Lattice L., Holyoke, Mass.

Chapman, Hannah E., Easthampton, Mass.

Clark, Elizabeth, Greenfield, Mass.

Clark, Isabel G. & Harriet M., Northampton, Mass.

Dickerman, Hervey S. & Nancy Lucretia (Beech), Holyoke, Mass.

Dwight, R. Ogden & Sarah (Coburn), South Hadley, Mass.

Foote, William Harrison & Josephine S., Westfield, Mass.

Gardner, Eugene C. & Harriet B. (Hubbard), Springfield, Mass.

Harrington, Julia Mack, Amherst, Mass.

Herrick, Rev. William D. & Josephine H. (Barton), Amherst, Mass.

Kagwin, Berijah H. & Mary D., Holyoke, Mass.

Kellogg, Charles H. & Mary W. (Adams), Amherst, Mass.

Lamson, Martha E., Hadley, Mass.

Lane, Rev. John W. & Mary (Haynes), Whately, Mass.

Leland, Charles H. & Martha T., Easthampton, Mass.

Longley, Maria D. S., Belchertown, Mass.

Loomis, Rev. Aretas G. & Elizabeth B., Greenfield, Mass.

McClean, Martha Ely (Matthews), Northampton, Mass.

McClean, Alexander S. & Rebekah R. (Brown), Springfield, Mass.

Miller, Dorcas C., Easthampton, Mass.

Moody, Heman E. & Sarah A. (King)

Moore, Emma A., South Hadley, Mass.

Pasco, Maria L., Hadley, Mass.

Potwin, Rev. Thomas S. & Harriet Amelia (King), Amherst, Mass.

Smith, William B., Springfield, Mass. Hartford, Conn. [see Comment, below]

Stebbins, Rev. Milan C., Springfield, Mass.

Vaille, Henry R. & Sarah W. (Lewis), Springfield, Mass.

Worswick, A., Holyoke, Mass.

2 Responses to “Index to the American Hosts”

  1. Bruce Chan Says:

    “Smith, William B., Springfield, Mass.”
    This appears to be inaccurate: William B. Smith, a stock breeder, was an officer in the Connecticut Stock Breeders’ Association and was domiciled in Hartford, CT. (Hartford Daily Courant, 1878.4.17, p.2) His wife, Virginia Thrall Smith, was the almoner for Hartford’s City Missionary society (“Good News for the Charitable and the Poor,” Hartford Daily Courant, 1876.12.23, p.2).
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith were hosts to Chang Hon Yen and Chung Mun Yew at 11 Imlay St., Hartford.
    Bruce Chan (grandson of Chung Mun Yew)

  2. The Holiday Season | Boxer Indemnity Scholars Says:

    […] Chinese government and the students’ families, the CEM Scholars were placed in homestays with American sponsor families. Although host families were not an official component of the Boxer Indemnity Scholar program, […]

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